Annapurna Rasoi scheme

Annapurna Rasoi Scheme Rajasthan

The state government of Rajasthan has started the Annapurna Rasoi scheme for the labor, Riksha drivers, Autoriksha driver, employees, women worker, elder people and others helpless people. The scheme was started by the Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on 15 December 2016.

Under the scheme, the government will provide breakfast at Rs 5 and launch at Rs 8 through the Annapurna Rasoi Van. The scheme was launched with 80 Annapurna Rasoi Van in 12 cities of Rajasthan but recently the state government has launched 500 more vans for the state from Ajmer.

 Best thing of Annapurna Rasoi scheme

  • Under the scheme, the government will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Breakfast is available only at Rs 5. In the breakfast poha, sevaiya, idli sambhar, lapasi, Jawar kichadi, millet kichadi, wheat kichadi etc. will be available.
  • The launch will be available at only Rs 8. In the launch, pulse -rice, wheat churma, mecca salty khichadi, roti Upma, dal-dhokali, salted rice khichadi, kadhi-dhokali, salted khichadi of jawar, sweet khichadi of wheat etc, every unit will be at least 350 gram.
  • Dinner will be also available at only Rs 8. In the Dinner Dal-Dhokli, biryani, sweet khichadi of jowar, salted rice, kadhi-rice, salted khichadi of corn, besan gatta pullaw, sweet khichadi of millet, pulse-rice, wheat churma etc. with the content of 350 gram.

Covered Cities in First Phase

  1. Jodhpur
  2. Jaipur
  3. Kota
  4. Ajmer
  5. Bikaner
  6. Udaipur
  7. Bharatpur
  8. Baran
  9. Banswara
  10. Dungarpur
  11. Pratapgarh
  12. Jhalawar

The scheme was launched for the social welfare of the state. This scheme will be benefitted for the migrated labor of the state who comes rural area in the search of job. The food truck is parked in the crowded area where mainly poor people lives or work. In the scheme, government mainly focused on the maintain cleanness and hygienic food is served. The scheme will be helpful for the BPL people of the country to get food at a nominal price.

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