Baal Aadhar Card

Baal Aadhar Card for Five Year Below Child – बाल आधार कार्ड

Properly information is given pertaining to Baal Adhar Card ( बाल आधार कार्ड ). What is Baal Aadhar Card? Its color and Structure. How to Create Baal Aadhar Card? Important Link and other information etc.

Baal Aadhar Card

That is important news for those peoples who have 5 years child in their family. Because Unique Identification Authority ( UIDAI) is going to issue Aadhar cards for 5 years or below the child. Recently UIDAI announced to issue new Aadhar card to the child so who has 5 years child in the family so they have to make Adhar card for his/her child. This process has become mandatory so no child will remain without identity.

How Will be New Structure and Color of Adhar Card

As we know that Aadhar card has become mandatory as identity proof for every citizen in India. Aadhar card was only making for young people in India yet but now according to UIDAI Aadhar card for 5 years child would be obligatory. As given information by UIDAI new Aadhar card would be in blue color and this Aadhar card would create without any biometric details. It means there is no need any of any scan or biometric process. After taking this step, the process of making new Aadhar card has become easier and suitable.

How to Create Baal Aadhar Card

Now we will introduce you to Aadhar card making process. First of all, you will have to go Aadhar card center and have to fill an inrolment form along with the form you will also have to fill entire details of child’s parents.

1 While applying for Baal Adhar Card, parents will have to give any one’s Aadhar card number along with Mobile Number.

2 If the age of the child is below 5 years so you don’t need to biometric. you need only a photograph.

3 As per rule when the child will cross 5 years age he/her have to do the biometric process.

4 In this, all process, Parents Aadhar card’s Number would be liked with child’s Aadhar card.

5 After the Complete whole process of applying for Aadhar card, a receipt will be given to you by authority you have to keep it for further process.

How Many Days Will Take for Baal Aadhar Card 

As per rule, Adhar card will be issued within 60 days of applying date. When Registration and Verification Process would be finished then a conforming SMS come to your registered mobile number. After coming to this SMS your child Aadhar card will be generated within 60 days.

Important Document for Baal Aadhar Card

1 Birth Certificate of the Child

2 Aadhar card of parents ( anyone )

2 Mobile Number

ऊपर दी गई जानकारी के अलवा आप को एक विशेष बात पर ध्यान देना होगा जब बच्चा पांच साल की उम्र का हो जायेगा उसके बाद आप को उसका वेरीफिकेशन करवाना होगा। इसके जब बच्चा 15 साल का हो जाएगा उसके बाद एक बार फिर बच्चे का आधार अपडेट करवाना होगा। यह बायोमेट्रिक अपडेट प्रक्रिया नि:शुल्क होगी।


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