Benami Sampati Lenden Puraskar Yojana | 1 Crore Reward By IT Department

Benami Sampati Lenden Puraskar Yojana Under IT Department | बेनामी सम्पति लेनदेन योजना – In many cases, it has been found that black money is being invested in properties with the names of others, even though the benefit is being taken by the investor by concealing beneficial ownership in his income tax return.

 Transaction Initiative Award Scheme

बेनामी सम्पति लेनदेन योजना

Benami Sampati Lenden Puraskar Yojana

The Government had earlier amended the Anonymous Property Transactions Act, 1988 through the Anonymous Transactions (Prohibitions) Amendment Act, 2016 to enable the law to be further strengthened. In order to increase the participation of people in income tax department’s efforts to find out black money and reduce tax evasion rating. The Income Tax Department has released a new award scheme titled as ‘Benami Transaction Informer Award Scheme 2018’.

IT Department Transaction Initiative Award Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to encourage people to give information about the transactions and properties and the income earned on such properties made by hidden investors and beneficial owners.

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Benami Sampati Lenden Puraskar Yojana – बेनामी सम्पति लेनदेन योजना

Under ‘Benami Transaction Informer Award Scheme, 2018‘, under the prescribed procedure, income tax under the Anonymous Transaction and Assets and receipts from such properties which are actionable under the Anonymous Property Transaction Act amended by the Benamielenden (Prohibitions) Amendment Act, 2016.

The person giving information to the joint or additional commissioner (anonymity prohibition unit) in the Directorate of Investigation Directorate Can get a prize of up to one crore rupees.

Important Point – Benami Sampati Lenden Puraskar Yojana

Foreigners will also be eligible for this award. The identity of the person giving the information will not be revealed and complete confidentiality will be made.

Where to Deposit Documents

Details of the awards are available in Anonymous Transaction, Informant Award Scheme, 2018, whose copy is available in Income Tax Offices and on the Income Tax Department’s website,

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