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Bihar Apna Khata Khanauti Nakal Online खसरा खनौती नक़ल, अधिकार अभिलेख |

Bihar government has started Bihar Apna Khata Online web portal for reforming in lands and revenue matters. In past time citizens of the Bihar had to face many problems but now neither they need to stand in lines nor governments office. They can check status as well as get information about  Khasara Khanauti Nakal खसरा खनौती नक़ल, अधिकार अभिलेख Online at their home. In present time India is going towards Digitalization world and all manual works changing into the Online and fast mode so in this context Bihar Government also included itself that’s why it started New online services to the citizens for bestows them ease.

There is proper information about Bihar Apna Khata खसरा खनौती नक़ल, अधिकार अभिलेख hence you needn’t go anywhere every information is given here, in explanable mode. How to check Nakal, Khasara Khanauti, and Adhikar Abhilekh. All steps are given here so just imitate steps and check your Online अधिकार अभिलेख, खसरा खनौती नक़ल etc.

इस लेख में आप, बिहार अपना खाता ऑनलाइन के तहत जानेंगे की बिहार में कैसे अपना खसरा खनौती नक़ल और अधिकार अभिलेख ऑनलाइन घर बैठे प्राप्त कर सकते है तथा इसकी जाँच कैसे कर सकते है, इत्यादि |

 Bihar Apna Khata Khanauti Nakal Online: बिहार अपना खाता ऑनलाइन सेवा: खसरा खनौती नक़ल, अधिकार अभिलेख

It is Online web portal and every citizen can use readily. After coming Online facility for Check Khanauti Khasara and Nakal, Citizens very glad because here all problems have been solved and they can familiar with invaluable information about their land or Nakal.

All Steps are given here regarding Online Bihar Apna Khata खसरा खनौती नक़ल

1 Here the first step is Visit Bihar Governments Official  Website

2 You will find here Homepage of  Bihar Apna Khata website then Select Your “District” and Click here.

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3 Now Choose your Anchal (अंचल )

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4 Then select Your village where you live permanent as below.


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5 After select Village, name click on “खाता खोजे”

6 Here, name list of the villagers will open,

7 Finally, Go to “अधिकार अभिलेख ” and click on “देखे “.

8 You can see here “अधिकार अभिलेख ” it seems, like below.

bihar 4

इस लेख में दी गई जानकारी के अलावा अगर आपको बिहार अपना खाता खनौती अधिकार अभिलेख इत्यादि के विषय में किसी प्रकार की समस्या का सामना करना पड़ रहा है तो कृपया हमे कमेंट कर के बताये तथा आप सुझाव भी दे सकते है

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