Good Samaritan Scheme

Good Samaritan – Rs 2000 for Helping Road Mishap Victims

In India, every four minutes a person is dying in the road accident. The cause of many of the accident victim is late in treatment. If the treatment will be provided in time than the death ratio in the road accident will be reduced. The state government of Delhi launches a scheme to help the accident victim to reach the hospital in short time. The state government of Delhi has announced a new scheme named as Good Samaritan. Under the scheme, the state government will give Rs 2000 incentive to the person who takes the accident victim in the Delhi road to the hospital.

The health minister of Delhi Satyendra Jain announced the Good Samaritan while addressing the second edition of the MeltingPot 2020 Innovation Summit 2017. The scheme proposal was prepared in the August last year after a death on the road accident in West Delhi Subhash Nagar because no one helps the accident victim to reach the hospital. The government aims to take faster the accident victim in hospital and government will also give the treatment cost of the patient.

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The government will increase the capacity of the hospital, renovating the current hospital and making the new hospital. Currently, the capacity of the total hospital is 10,000 beds and government will increase the 25,000 beds soon. Currently, the health care system covers only 20 percent of the population, the government aims to provide health care system to all free of cost.

The state government already runs the Mohalla Clinic where the government provides medical facility to the doorsteps of the people. According to the government only 3 percent of the patient has been referrals to the Mohalla Clinic hospital it means 90 percent of people are treated well in the clinic.

The number of death is higher in Delhi while the number of the road accident is higher in Mumbai. The initiative of the state government will reduce the death ratio in the road accident.

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