Haryana Apna Khaata Online Khatauni Khewat Jamabandi Nakal – हरयाणा ऑनलाइन भूमि रिकॉर्ड | www.jansahayak.gov.in

Get Haryana complete land records www.jansahayak.gov.in, Haryana Apna Khaata (हरियाणा अपना खाता), search your land records Check Haryana Khatauni, Khewat, Hissa Number, Bhulekh, Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Bhu Naksha, Intkal Khatauni and much more…

Haryana Apna Khaata – हरियाणा अपना खाता its name of Online service which provides Haryana state government intentionally bestows ease to it’s Citizen. In Present Digitalization era, Haryana government has taken a Drastic step towards Digital India and in this context, all Manually and Offline services have turned to Online and easy. Especially these services, Land record Check, Khatauni Khewat Hissa Number Bhulekh, Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Bhu Naksha  Intkal Khatauni, have become apt and suitable.

Haryana Apna Khaata Online Khatauni Khewat Jamabandi Nakal

Haryana Government has Introduced many Online Record services related to land and other unavoided matters. Haryana Apna Khaata: Online Land record, is the name of Online service which is opened by Haryana Government to confer ease and privilege to its Citizens. Now all Manually services, Land record Check, Khatauni Khewat Hissa Number Bhulekh, Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Bhu Naksha  Intkal Khatauni have been converted into Online mode.  Manually process was time-consuming, implicated and also cumbersome for the Government Official. But after Introducing Online services it has become convenient for Citizen.They can check Online all details pertaining to land record and other invaluable matters. Apart from appliers can Get their Land Number, Khatauni, and Hissa Number.

How to Get Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Online – हरियाणा जमाबंदी नक़ल ऑनलाइन

1 Here Haryana Government Official website( jansahayak.gov.in) Open Around the Clock for citizens of Haryana State.

haryana 1

2 Go to web page ( jansahayak.gov.in) for “Nakal” Services

3 Choose your District/village name.

4 Select here Issuing authority ” often prefer Tehsildar”

5  Choose “settlement” (जमाबंदी) In Nakal Option.

6 Fill your all Complete Details: father/mother//UID /Khata/Khasra/Intkal Numer.

7 Mention Your active mobile number.

8 Finally, submit your Details with security Code (कैप्चा कोड )

9 Now you will get “settlement Note ( जमाबंदी नोक ) in PDF file.

How to Get Intkal Nakal Online in Haryana (इंतकाल नक़ल)

For इंतकाल नक़ल ( Intkal nakal ), Process is same as it is for  जमाबंदी नक़ल (Jamabandi nakal)

1 Follow all process which is given above

2 Fill same details

3 In ” Nakal” Option Choose  इंतकाल नक़ल ( Intkal nakal ) in spite of जमाबंदी नक़ल (Jamabandi nakal)

How to Search,  खतौनी, खसरा नंबर/ हिस्सा नंबर ऑनलाइन हरियाणा (Khatauni khasara /Hissa Number)

1 Visit  This page Haryana Governments Official Website.

haryana 21

2 Select your District name here.

haryana 3


3 Select Village name and submit your detail.

4 After submitting details a new page will open where you have to choose Owner list (स्वामी सूची)

5 Fill other detail and wait for loading page and after loading you can see खतौनी, खसरा नंबर/ हिस्सा नंबर (Khatauni khasara /Hissa Number)

haryana 4

ऊपर दी गई तमाम जानकारी से आप हरयाणा मे अपना खसरा, खतोनी, जमाबंदी नक़ल, हिस्सा नंबर, भू नक्शा, खेवट और इंतकाल की नक़ल जैसी जानकारी ऑनलाइन प्राप्त कर सकते है| उपरोक्त दी गई पूरी जानकारी अगर आप को अच्छी लगी हो तो आप निचे दिए गयी कमेंट बॉक्स मे अपना कमेंट दे सकते है धन्यवाद्|

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