Haryana Dairy Schemes Apply

Haryana Dairy Schemes – Get Interest Free Loan For Dairy Business

Haryana Dairy Schemes: Haryana State Government has planned to provide interest-free loans to the people for the launch of 50 Cow dairy schemes. The State Animal Husbandry Department will conduct this scheme. In these dairies, from the removal of milk from the cows to the rise of dung, everything will be machine-based so that the cows and the people, who get milk and ghee, also get healthier.

About Haryana Dairy Schemes

In order to implement the Dairy scheme, Additional Chief Secretary PK Mahapatra has started contacting the Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department in all the districts. Work is being done on a large scale to increase the income of farmers by the government. The Government believes that to increase the income, farmers will have to pay attention to other types of options.

According to Animal Husbandry Department, if the scheme is implemented successfully then the scheme will help to become a millionaire by making a business of dairy. There will be no shortage of milk in the state after the success of the scheme.

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What is Haryana Dairy Schemes

Under the scheme, the value of cows is estimated 60 thousand rupees by NABARD. Under which one person will get around Rs 30 lakh only for open the dairy. Apart from this, the infrastructure loan can also be obtained from the government. The applicant has to submit the project report for this. After that, making the reconciliation with the banks can make the loan easily by completing the document.

The government will also pay interest on this amount. The facility is being provided by the department to people who follow up to five cows. Under which five cows when you want to buy, you have to submit proof of their cost. Under which the government will provide 50 percent subsidy. The farmer will have to pay rest loan amount in installment. That farmer can get rid of the milk of these milch cows.

The state government is working towards increasing the income of farmers and citizens. The farmer can lead a better life when he will end up with the problem of money. This facility is being provided to the farmers on a large scale by the Animal Husbandry Department.

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