Dial 100 scheme

Haryana Government Going to Launch Dial 100 scheme

To reduce crime cases, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar is going to launch Dial 100 scheme. The state government of Haryana motive to provide fair justice to victims. The state government will provide 600 vehicles to the state police. Each district will receive 30 to 35 vehicles.

Under the scheme, the government will spend Rs 150 crore in the scheme. The scheme will work from November 1, 2018.  The Chief Minister was announced after inaugurating eight ‘Mitra Kaksh’ at the civil lines police station, Karnal.

The scheme will implement in the Karnal and Rohtak in the first phase. After successfully run in the state the scheme would be implemented across the state. In the scheme when victims will contact the control room, the police will provide assistance within 15 minutes in many areas of the state. The state government aims to provide a fearless environment in the state.

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The state government will establish Mitra Kaksh in the state for developing better coordination among the people and police. Rs 2 crore will be spent to establish each Mitra Kaksh in the state.

How will work Dial 100 scheme

In the Mitra Kaksh, a police personnel without uniform and a resident of that community will sit to listen to the grievances of people. FIR would be registered in case of the grievance could not be solved through mediation. The Chief Minister said that in the Singapore there are no police station and no police on the road. He also presents the figure of police, in one police on every 300 population and one officer on every 500 population for the safety and security of the public. He also coated that in Singapore police can perform without dress.

In the Mitra Kaksha general people will share their problem to the police personal without fear. The Mitra Kaksha will solve the problem as possible as without FIR registration.


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