Palanhar Yojana

Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana – To Provide Home for Orphan Child

India has a home of 2 crore orphan children 4 percent of the total child population. Out of 2 crore children, only 0.3 percent children parent has actually died. Most of the children have abandoned by their parents due to poverty. About 13 percent of children live without a parent. The state government of Rajasthan has launched a scheme for the orphan children named as Palanhar Yojana. Under the scheme, the government provides financial assistance to the family who adopted the orphan children.

Every child has not only rights to have a home, food, they need family’s protection and care. To fosterage and nurture of these children, the state government of Rajasthan has started the Palanhar Yojana. Under the scheme, the state government made available food, clothing, and education in the family atmosphere through the nearest relative/acquaintance of the children instead of provides these facilities in an institutionalized society. This is the unique scheme across the country.

Eligibility of the Scheme

  • Orphan Children
  • The children which parent has given death penalty or life prison by the judicial court.
  • Three children of widow mother
  • Maximum three children of the mother going to Nata
  • Remarriage widow mother’s children
  • Children of AIDS sufferers
  • Children of leprosy
  • Children of disabled parents
  • Child of divorced/abandoned woman

Eligibility of Adopted Parent

  • The annual income of the Companion family should not exceed 1.20 lakh rupees.
  • It is compulsory for such orphans to be sent to Anganwadi center at the age of 2 years and to school at the age of 6 years.


The state government gives the grant to the upbringing, education etc. The government gives Rs 500 per month to the adoring family up to the age of 5 years and after getting admission in school government gives Rs 1000 per month up to the age of 18 years. The government also gives Rs 2000 [per year for (excluding the category of widow and marriage) for the cost of clothing, shoes, sweaters and other necessary works.

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