Save Internet Data

How to Save Internet Data from 10 Unwanted Mistakes

Now our life depends on smartphone and internet. If you want to install any kind of App, want to check mail or want to search anything, all are possible through internet. Smart Phone is not working smartly without internet data. Some users are using unlimited date pack while some are limited data pack.

Here some tricks to save data for the limited data pack users. User can save Internet Data by following these simple tips:-

Mistake No. 1

Apps auto update: User install app according to their needs. Many of these apps some are updated when the new version of the app is launched. Many of users are not aware of the auto-update, so internet data pack is eliminated. Some app use 30-40 MB data for update, if two or three apps are updating then 100MB data is eliminated.

How to Solve: Stop the auto-update facility from the Google Play Store. Now the app will not update. Use Wi-Fi for updating the required app.

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Mistake No. 2

Know Data Limit: If your Internet Data is over then the company charge from the main balance. Set your daily data limit to prevent charge from main balance.

How to Solve: Use data sense application for limiting the daily data. The app regularly informs the daily data use and also inform the average daily data usage.

Mistake No. 3

Unwanted Notification: It is seen that user leaves the app open after use. It means user open the app use and minimize the app, in such case the app is open and continuously use the data pack. In such way the app is open in the background and notification is coming regularly.

How to Solve: Close the app which is open in the background. Open those apps which are used mostly. Closing the app will save data and battery.

Mistake No. 4

Background Data: Many of the apps are working without the user awareness, this app is the cause of excessive use of the Internet Data. Close such kind of App.

How to Solve: Go to the phone setting and in the Data Uses Menu click on the Background Data Restrict. Now the background data is closed and data will be used when the application is open.

Mistake No.5

Use 2G and 3G network: If your phone is supported 4G then check how many apps is working on the 2G or 3G network. Actually, the 4G network uses speedily data and battery also discharges rapidly.

How to Solve: Mostly App is working on 2G or 3G networks, only video streaming app required the 4G network. Use 2G or 3G network mostly; use 4G when required mostly.

Mistake No.6

Online Video/Audio: There are many apps for online listing music, where you listen to your favorites music without storage. Hence the app uses most of the data. While music streaming video use excess date compare to audio streaming.

How to Solve: Use Wi-Fi network for listing music. Use as possible minimum resolution video. You may save video temporarily from Youtube for 48 hours.

Mistake No.7

Auto download in WhatsApp: By default in WhatsApp auto image download option in on. WhatsApp download automatically all share images. Due to auto image download option, data are used by unwanted image download.

How to Solve: Stop the auto download option in the WhatsApp setting. Select Wi-Fi download option or select all media download to download through Wi-Fi.

Mistake No.8

Free Internet Calling:  Mostly messing service gives free calling facility such as WhatsApp, FB etc. This free calling is actually costly in local calling, it uses data rapidly. However, it is best for international calling.

How to Solve: Use calling when Wi-Fi is used as possible as.

Mistake No. 9

Online Video Game: Many users like play online video game. He uses app for playing the game. You know the ad is coming while playing the game, the ad consumes data while playing online app.

How to Solve: Close data when playing the game on the smartphone.

Mistake No. 10

Misuse of Data: Avoid reading the online article in mobile. The ad is coming while reading the ad in the browser, it consumes data.

How to Solve: Use browser compression to save data. Google chrome give facility for ‘Reduce Data Uses’ Opera also play video on compression mode to save data. Use the browsing for saving data.







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