Solar Stove Designing Competition

Solar Stove Designing Competition – Win Rs 18 Lakh

Solar Stove Designing Competition: A big opportunity is waiting for the creative youth. The Central government has introduced many schemes for the youth. Now the government has introduced Designing Competition, you can also win the prize by joining these schemes. A big chance is waiting for the youth to win Rs 18 Lakh cash prize by joining the scheme. Start working the ideas and win the money. The Central government is also doing a lot of work to increase the attention of youth in entrepreneurship in the country.

The government will give Rs 10 lakh for first prize, Rs 5 lakh for second prize and 3 lakh for the third prize out of total Rs 18 lakh.  You have submitted the design to the ONGC and win the prize. Here complete details are given which product will be design.

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Product for Solar Stove Designing Competition

ONGC has started the startup fund in 2016 with Rs 100 crore worth. The company has promoted the new ides of youth, now the company has announced the reward for designing solar stove.

Last date of Registration of Solar Stove Designing Competition

You may participate in the scheme before 1 December 2017. If you are the ONGC’s Employee or relative or member of the expert panel then you are not eligible for the scheme.

Condition for Designing

ONGC has set some standards for the competition. The stove will be able to work continue 24 hours and the cost of the stove is minimum. All the cooking related work will be possible on the stove. Use disposable metal for making the stove.

How to Participate

  • If you want to participate in designing competition then visit the website of ONGC
  • Fill the Form A
  • Submit the idea with brief description

Selection Procedure

When you submitted the Form A then it will be shortlisted. An expert panel will consider your idea, the panel will be created by the company. All member of the panel will select the idea, the selected idea will have to demonstrate in front of the panel in April. All the related information will be given time to time through online medium.



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